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Which HDR Software is Best? A Quick Review of (Almost?) All the Options Out There

You’ve all probably seen an HDR (High Dynamic Range) image, whether you recognized it or not. They’re those highly dramatic, often very stylized, photos that can be either beautiful or ugly as sin, and they’re all a result of software … Continue reading

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Shown at Stella’s Coffeehaus

Just a little update from the world of Robobodo, three of my photos are being shown at Stella’s Coffeehaus (1476 South Pearl St., Denver, CO 80210) from now until September 29th. These are the three photos: I also do want … Continue reading

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Incredible Documentary Photography by James Nachtwey

James Nachtwey has been a documentary photographer since 1981, when he went on his first foreign assignment to cover the IRA hunger strike in Ireland. Since then, he has worked in Afghanistan, South Africa, Rwanda, and Bosnia, among many others. … Continue reading

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77 Beautiful Examples of Photography

This is not new content from me today, but I saw this post over at InstantShift and really wanted to share it with all of you. They title it somewhat strangely as “Mix Collection of 77 Brilliant Photography to Refresh … Continue reading

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Phantoms of Ancient Times: Some Photos from my Latest Trip to Hungary

I realized that, for a photo blog, there weren’t many photos up here yet. So, without further ado, here are some of my images from my trip home to Hungary in July. Bear with me, the urban setting was a … Continue reading

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Buying a New Camera? Why Not to Wait for EVIL to Rule the World

This is another topic inspired by my friends thinking about getting into serious photography. When I say serious photography, I don’t mean getting a compact Coolpix or Powershot and taking snapshots of random events, people, and places in your life. … Continue reading

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Photography and Lomography; 4 Reasons a Holga will Never Replace a Nikon, and a Nikon will Never Replace a Holga

This is probably a strange subject for a first article, but let’s go with it. Lomography. What the heck is it anyway? Honestly, I hadn’t even heard the term until one of my friends asked me for advice because they … Continue reading

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Another New Blog…

It finally happened: I made myself a blog. Now, I know all 2 of you are asking “What is Another Shot in the Dark about?” Well, I’ll tell you: it’s about photography. Photography news big enough to catch my eye? … Continue reading

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